Weekends With A Difference


"Weekends With A Difference", arranged by Cardiff Dance Club.

See the photos from the September 2022 Paignton Weekend here
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Our events are arranged to provide you with a weekend of relaxation, elegance, entertainment and dance in exceptional surroundings. We always use high quality hotels that provide comfort and style. To ensure this we check each hotel personally and we only book those that provide an outstanding level of service and facilities to their customers. All our bookings are made on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis where the restaurant can provide a level of silver service or equivalent. When you book into one of our weekends you can expect all the above plus of course a dance each evening and a range of instructional dance workshops throughout the day.

Cost per person
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For all dates please email Jax on jackie_planetleroc@msn.com to check availability before submitting any forms/cheques
  • Friday - Check-in, dinner and evening dancing
  • Saturday - Breakfast, classes from 10:30am to 5:00pm with a break for lunch (lunch not included), dinner and evening dancing
  • Sunday - Breakfast and check-out
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If any Covid protocols are still in force in England at this time they will be applied to events at the Redcliffe Hotel

A few samples of the typical feedback we get from people who have experienced our weekends are shown below:

The best dance weekend we've ever done! In addition, the venue is outstanding and great value for money.

Wow! a fabulous weekend, when can I book the next one.

I'm not telling anyone else about this I want to keep it for myself !

This is one of the best weekends we've ever booked.

I didn't know I could have such a great time.

It's all the little extras that we didn't expect that made the weekend so special.

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend