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Paignton Update 3rd - 5th April 2020


Firstly can I thank everyone for your patience during this difficult time. I have been very humbled that no one has contacted me asking for refunds. As you may have guessed, after final talks with the hotel today, our April weekend is no longer going ahead. There are a couple of options open to those of you who have made a booking.

1. Rolling your money over will give you priority for our September weekend, or the following April. (Sorry to those who were not on the April one and have messaged me asking to book into September, I will take your bookings once I know numbers.)
2. You are entitled to a refund which can be the full amount, or you can leave your deposit to secure a room for September (or the following April) and have a partial refund.

I will be perfectly honest and say that if you are intending to re-book onto another of our weekenders, leaving your payment to roll over would be an enormous help to me, as I have already agreed to roll over the amount I have paid to the hotel. By doing this we will be helping this amazing hotel to resume trading in time for our next weekender in September.

If you require a refund we'll discuss arrangements individually.

Please contact me to let me know what your preference is.

Can I say thank you again for all your support, it has meant a lot and reminds me why I run Planet Leroc and Cardiff Dance Club.

Jax and the team.